Skin Cream

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Our super rich balm for rough, dry or hard skin. Soothes eczema and itchy skin. 50g or 100g.
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This unique product is often described as a life-saver by our customers. One of Queen's most-loved and classic products, Skin Cream, or Skin Food as it was originally known, has a wealth of uses. It is an all-over moisturiser for very dry skin, can be used on lips and massaged into cuticles and will soothe and soften hard dry skin on elbows and feet. It also makes a fabulous eye cream when patted gently around the eye area and has a host of uses for sports lovers and for those who love the outdoors!

Skin suffering from conditions such as eczema also benefit from regular use of Skin Cream. Its highly emollient but simple formula protects, combats dryness, scaliness and itching and allows skin the opportunity to repair. The cream also has a very high success rate with soothing and helping to heal sore, dry or itchy patches of skin caused by conditions such as urticaria and dermatitis caused by reaction to cosmetics or enrironmental factors.

All skin types can benefit by using Skin Cream as an intensive night moisturiser once a week or when your skin needs an extra boost. If you are out in the wind, cold or rain all day (sailors, skiiers and golfers take note!), don't forget to apply Skin Cream to provide extra protection or to calm skin afterwards. Likewise, it can prevent chafing if you are a runner or cyclist and can be used to prevent blisters if applied to heels and other areas likely to rub. Nursing mothers and babies can also benefit from the soothing, protective formula. In fact, we believe everyone should have a jar! Warm Skin Cream gently between your fingers before applying and massage in gently.

October 2009's Women's Fitness magazine says about Skin Cream: 'No handbag is complete without a multi-tasking balm, and this soothing cream is one of the best. Perfect for sunburn, wind burn and chafed skin, you can also use it on bites, blisters, jogger's nipple - the list is endless!'

Ingredients: Petrolatum, Lanolin, Aqua, Paraffinum Liquidum, Cera Alba, Sodium Borate, Methylparaben.

Available in 50g (£16.60) and 100g (£24.85)

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