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Yours Magazine awards Sensiderma Renew & Refine 5/5 in its 'Tested by you' feature. Tester Gill says: "Because I have sensitive skin, I've had the same moisturiser for years so was anxious about trying something new. I used it and my skin felt softer and smoother and I had no adverse effects. I seem to have my glow back." January 2013.

"I have used your Suntan Lotion for 20 years. It is the only one I can use on my skin which    suffers from allergic eczema and rosacea and I wear it everyday come rain or shine, underneath my foundation," Mrs B, Northants.

"I've ordered a pot of (Sensiderma) Cold Cream as it seems very soothing and effective - I'm trying using it as a moisturiser just where I need it to as my skin doesn't seem to need extra at the moment. I'll keep you posted. Can I just say that I've always been someone who used 'natural" products but I was finding that essential oils were aggravating my face so started looking for something calmer. I never in a million years thought something based on liquid paraffin would be the way to go but it is! It works a treat and my skin looks calmer and plumper just in  a few days. I don't have any stinging or itchy and I'm not as red. Can I also say that your customer service is second to none. I can safely say that your lovely detailed emails convinced me to give these products a go - so thank you!" Mrs P, Scilly Isles.

"Did I ever tell you that when we went to live in Germany 1978-81, I took about a dozen jars of Theatrical Cleasing Cream with me and so Queen has been wth me for a lot of my life. I think that that it's, as you get older, that the care you give your skin pays off. That's the real test and when you see the benefits of that daily routine. My mother did care about skin and always encouraged me to look after it." Mrs W, London.

"The Sensiderma Cold Cream and Sensiderma Moisture Soothe have really helped my facial redness and  rosacea. My skin has calmed down. It's such a relief not to have a red face and the difference is really unbelievable. The Cold Cream takes getting used to in terms of it's a bit more work - I have previously used wipes - but I am getting into it! The Moisture Soothe is lovely and a little goes a long way." Barbara, Norfolk.

"I don't know what you have done to me but you are making a new woman of me!  I ordered a sample of your Sensiderma Renew & Refine and I just love it. It has made an amazing difference to my crepe-y neck and, better still, I can use it around my eyes without any irritation at all. It's a beautiful product.I also love your Queen Eye Make-up Remover. It's a joy to use and extremely good and no irritation to my eyes which are the most sensitive part of me. I've also been using your Eyelash Cream. I came back from a holiday and my eyelashes looked so sad and dehydrated. I thought I would try the Eyelash Cream and it's helped greatly. What a nice little product and so unusual." Mrs Jenner, Crawley.

"Firstly I would like to say a huge thank you to the lady I spoke to last week who very kindly sent me some Queen samples to try. I absolutely love the Sensiderma Renew and Refine cream – do you realise how fantastic this product is?! Silly question because of course you do but the whole world should know about it. In a few short days I have seen a significant improvement in the fine lines on my neck – nothing I’ve used over the years has ever made an impact on that area (unless you count the products which have left me with a red face and sore and itchy skin). To have returned to the Medicated Cleansing Lotion and the Non-Alcoholic Toning Lotion has been a joy (I used to be a Queen customer over 20 years ago)." Alison, Beds.

"Thank you for my order received this morning. I really do think my skin has improved since beginning to use more of the Queen range rather than just the Medicated Cleansing Lotion." Mrs W, London.

"I must complain about your Sensiderma Rich Hand Cream.....my husband thinks it is so wonderful for the dry sensitive skin on his hands that he keeps "borrowing" it so I have to order an extra one for his personal use!" Mrs C, Scotland.

“Thank you very much for your excellent service! It was marvellous to receive my make-up in time for my holiday!" Mrs W, Derbyshire.

"Thank you for your brilliant products, the foundation is the best I have ever used," Christina, Dorset.

"I think Queen Moisturiser is super and am pleased to say I have tried your Medicated Cleansing Lotion and this is fine for my skin too." (Mrs W came to Queen in March 2011 saying that her dry sensitive skin had worsened "during the last few years and I've been unable to use "high street" products with a red sensitive skin on my face and a raised rash occurring which takes about 10 days to completely fade").

"Your Sensiderma Rich Hand Cream has already proven to be a top product. Usually even sensitive hand creams make my skin red and sore and with patches where the skin splits and bleeds it stings and itches (attractive right!) but on my first few trials of the Sensiderma Rich Hand Cream I feel nothing but moisturised skin which is fantastic. It was also a pleasure to open the little tub and have no instant perfumed pong attack my nostrils – it smells of nothing, which I think is great. I am looking forward to rescuing my hands this winter." Kate, Hereford.

"I have been using Queen Medicated Cleansing Lotion for my facial sensitifity and irritated skin on my face for more than 30 years. My daughter now uses it too," Mrs W, Yorks.

"I just wanted to express my appreciation of your products and excellent service: I have never had any skin problems but a few months ago developed red patches and tiny blister-like spots on my face. I don't know what caused this face sensitivity but I stopped using make-up and night creams...searched the internet and came across your website and I am so glad I did because since receiving my first order and starting to use your products my skin has returned to normal. I shall start building up my collection of Queen Cosmetics and give all the other much-publicised products a miss!" Mrs C, Cornwall

"I love the products so far - a veil of sheer comfort on my skin! Thank you for your kind assistance." Mrs K, Renfrewshire

"I have used Queen products for many years. I wouldn't use anything else on my sensitive skin." Mrs C, Sussex

"I love your glycerine soaps. They are really just lovely to use on my sensitive skin and they actually have a pleasant smell even though I know they are unperfumed!" Mrs Y, Middlesex.

My mother began using your products in the 1960s after telephoning Woman Magazine to ask for some advice about her skin which had become super-sensitive. They recommended Queen.  I have been a Queen user for many many years myself and swear by your Medicated Cleansing Lotion and Moisturiser." Mrs M, Newport.

"I have used Queen Sensiderma Cold Cream as a night cream for my very sensitive skin for years and find it very moisturising. Thanks again, I don't know what I would have done without Queen all these years." Mrs L, Manchester.
"Thanks for your prompt service. Incidentally, I first bought Queen products when I arrived in London in 1967; as the German products I had brought with me ran out, I found a pharmacy off Lamb's Conduit Street where a lovely elderly gentleman (he was probably younger then than I am now, but I was only 27 at the time...) told me about this product range that he produced in Sussex.  As I tend to be prone to allergies and have sensitive skin and come out in rashes with things that beautify other ladies, I have been grateful ever since, especially for what was originally called Skin Food (Skin Cream) which I use mostly on my face.  Later I met an old German lady who had trained as a beautician to survive in London in the post-war years and who recommended -- Queen products!  She was amazed that I had stumbled on them more by accident. So I am looking forward to many more years of happily using your products and wish your company every success." Mrs L, Germany.

"I have just re-discovered you when doing an internet search on sensitive skin. I used to use Queen products 25 years ago when I suffered from eczema and flaky skin. I then moved out of London and lost contact and, dare I say, tried other brands. I am so pleased to have found you again as your products are just what I'm looking for." Mrs J, Kent.

"I received the sample sizes yesterday and am delighted with them. The Maize lipstick is just perfect. I am so pleased to find products I can use." Mrs C, Dunbartonshire.

"I have just put in a new order for my husband and I. He has found your Moisturiser really soothing, especially in this cold weather and I am taking advantage of the offer on Sensiderma Day Cream as this is the only cream I can use - it's the best I have ever found. Many thanks. The ability to buy the small samples has been really useful - they make great travel jars as well!" Mrs L, Northants.

"I have to order the large size Medicated Cleansing Lotions because my daughters keep snaffling mine They will be Queen customers in their own right in a few years!" Mrs D, Wiltshire.

"I have such super-sensitive skin but am finding your Light Moisturising Lotion is ok for me. I use it as a cleanser as well as a moisturiser and a body lotion too! I love Queen - your company, your ethics and your customer service." Mrs M, Liverpool.

"I discovered your Eye Make-up Remover at John Bell & Croyden and think it is absolutely fantastic - as good, if not better than, anything I have previously tried, even the most expensive brands." Mrs W, Essex.

"I started using Queen lipsticks in my twenties and I am now 82. My dermatologist recommended you and I have used your lipsticks ever since. I had had so many problems before and finding Queen was like a miracle!" Mrs C, Buckinghamshire.

"Could I order 3 x 100g of your Skin Cream. It really has been good and my skin, though not quite regaining its youthful appearance, has been pretty good. Dread to think what it would be like otherwise!!, Mrs Maynard, Lot-et-Garonne, France

I tried the Shampoo sample this morning and found it delightful!  Just the right amount of lather and left my hair feeling soft and clean.  Seriously!  Thank you. I will be buying some with my next order," Mrs Robinson, London

"Thank you so much for introducing me to the Queen product range (at John Bell & Croyden).  I have ridiculously sensitive skin which flares up at the slightest excuse.  The Medicated Cleansing Lotion is great but the real discovery is the wonderfully rich Eye Make-up Remover.  It is by far the best I have ever tried - very gentle but extremely effective.  What more can you ask for?" Mary D, London.

"I am so delighted with my Non-Alcoholic Toner. My skin has been transformed since I started using it last week. I am just so pleased as it was so red and irritated and has really settled down." Mrs J, Sussex

"I've started using Queen products and love them. My skin feels so much better. I am a convert! Do you do anything for shiny skin?! It's so hot here, I'm always glistening!" Mrs H, Dubai 

"Thanks, my order arrived this morning. Perfectly packed, wonderful products - what more could I ask?" Mrs T, Norwich

Your reputation is first class and your service is excellent. I have used Queen products for many years and have taken them with me all over the world. They are absolutely wonderful and a must-have for sensitive skin. I am a great fan of your make-up and I now want to try this Light Moisturising Lotion as mentioned in the Telegraph!" Mrs L, Bexhill-on-Sea

"I must just tell you how brilliant your Queen Skin Cream is!  I was given a sample for my toddler's dry face  which worked miracles.  Then I had a dry patch on my face for months.  I tried everything including a hydrocortisone and was beginning to think it was something serious when I suddenly thought about your cream and it's absolute magic!  The mysterious patch has disappeared." Mrs G, Raynes Park.

"I would like to order some more Skin Cream and a jar for a friend who wants to try it (on my recommendation!)." Miss J, London

"Could I please add some of your marvellous Sensiderma Rich Hand Cream to my order. The water here is so hard that my dry sensitive hands are now like sandpaper and need desperate help," Mrs M,  South West France

"I love your Medicated Cleansing Lotion and Skin Cream and use them every day. Well done for all your sensitive skin tipes and advice and for making beauty products which really do work for sensitive skin." Mrs H, London

"Your Skin Cream is just wonderful. I suffer from eczema and find it really soothing and it has got rid of dry, scaly patches that I have had for years. I use it on my face, on my feet, on my lips and in areas of eczema on my ankles and face.  It's better than the stuff the doctor has given me. At night, if my legs or ankles start itching,  I rub some Skin Cream in really well and it soothes it immediately. It's brilliant, I can't praise it enough," Mrs Cliffe, London

"I will definitely recommend your products to anyone I know. I've sung your praises to my friends in any case because I love your stuff - my skin is easily sensitized and can't handle many products and yours seem to be the only one it likes at the moment. Congratulations on a really good brand." Miss S, London

"I have been using your products since August and I am very pleased with the results. I have very sensitive skin but I have had no bad reactions to your products, just nice smooth skin." Mrs B, London

"I am used to spending a lot of money on cosmetics but I have found your Moisturiser rivals anything I have previously used and I can't believe what good value it is. I want to try the rest of the Queen range now!" Mrs J, Birmingham.
 "I wanted to write and tell you how pleased I am with the rich Skin Cream.  After a sudden flare up of eczema on my face (this is new!) I used the cream and it has been really helpful, calming both the redness and the itch.  Also, the Eyelash Cream was so nice that I have got some for a friend as a present!" Mrs Ealden, Bedfordshire.

"I have been a customer since 1957 following a severe allergic reaction, putting me in hospital for two weeks. My doctor at the time recommended your products. Since then, I have lived in Ghana, Canada, Tanzania, Sudan and Singapore and have always recommended Queen wherever I have met people with sensitive skin." Mrs Hill, Ayrshire.

"Having used your testers I would like to order a Translucent Face Powder and a Tinted Foundation Honey Beige and also a tester of your Eye Make-up Remover and Medicated Cleansing Lotion. Having become very allergic to my make-up I am delighted with the Queen products I have been trying, no red face and baggy eyes!" J. Miller, Sussex.

"I have been using your Sensiderma Day Cream for a week and have already noticed a remarkable improvement in my skin. It is much less dry and tight, so much so that my daughter has started using the cream and I now need to order another one!"  Mrs Wildman, Essex. 

"Thank you so much for sending me your black Mascara which I've been delighted to wear without any problems. For the last 20 years, I have had eye sensitivity problems and mascara has caused redness and soreness. I am very grateful to have found you." S.Rose, Dorset

"In 1957, I returned to the UK by ship after living in New Zealand and the salt and sea air gave me a terrible allergy. Thereafter, when any perfume touched my skin, it flared up. That year, I came across Queen Cosmetics and have been using your Skin Cream and lipsticks ever since." J. Townsend, Towcester.

"I love your Enriched Moisturising Lotion. It glides on the skin, doesn't disappear completely yet is not greasy. Thank you for an excellent product!" L. Williams, Gwynedd

"I have been using Queen creams since I was sixteen. I am now seventy one! I know I can rely on them to cause no adverse reaction to the easily irritated skin on my face which is more than can be said for most ranges on the market these days." Mrs P, Sussex

"I wanted you to know that I have been using your Moisturiser and Light Night Cream for a month now and my skin looks radiant. I really love the texture and light consistencies of both creams." Nicky Hambleton-Jones, London

"My mother is 95 and has used your creams since before the war. She has the most beautiful skin - soft, smooth and devoid of wrinkles. I must now adopt the same (Skin) Cream." Mrs Andrews, Hampshire.

"In January 1941, my parents were returning by ship from Malaya. Zig-zaggng up the Atlantic, they had been warned of the imminent danger of attack by U-boats and were told to have with them at all times valuables which they wished to take into the lifeboats with them if the ship were sinking. There was much amusement when my Mother was asked what she would take with here and answered 'My face cream and my pearls'. She would not leave her Queen Skin Cream behind whatever else might be lost!" E. Buckland, Scotland


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Good Housekeeping recommendation for dry, flaky skin, Feb 2010 Good Housekeeping Magazine, February 2010

Women                 Telegraph Magazine recommends Queen Light Moisturising Lotion for delicate skin
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The Salon Magazine recommends Queen Sensitive Skin Oil with its multitude of usesthe salon, October 2009

A few of our online reviews

"This [Queen Eye Make-up Remover] definitely passed the sensitivity test and there was no stinging or watering whilst I was using it and after and used it and even when I opened my eyes when they were covered in the product....I gave this product a huge test - foundation, powder and the brightest purple eyeshadow on here that you will ever see as well as two coats of black mascara. Et voila - perfectly clean eyes, no redness and no watering." Read the full review at:

"I have been using Queen Eye Make-up Remover for just over two months now and I don't think I will ever need to try another eye make-up remover again. The formula of the product is lovely and moisturising and I am finding that it is helping with the dry skin/eczema I get on my eye lids (which is usually such a pain)." March 2012. Read the full review at:

"Having previously tried a skin oil, I was more than happy to give this one (Sensitive Skin Oil) a go as it's aimed at sensitive skin. Currently, I'm using Sensitive Skin Oil as a body lotion after showering. I put plenty on and massage it in then I allow it sink in for a while before doing anything else. It leaves my skin hydrated and silky smooth, and it really has helped me through the dreary winter that can often leave skin looking less than its best". March 2012. Read the full review at: http://www.dottiek.com/2012/03/review-queen-cosmetics-sensitive-skin.html 

"Using Queen Soap just for a couple of days made a massive difference. What was once dry, and a little scaly, is now feeling soothed and calmed. The soap comes up in a really good lather and can be used for shaving under your arms or even your legs. I really found this brilliant and at a fiver not half bad! Get yourself on the website and order one now! (www.queen-cosmetics.com)." February 2012. Read the full review at: http://mybeautybagsecrets.blogspot.com/2012/02/smooth-operator.html

"As many of you know I have very sensitive skin and am always searching for new product for myself and people like me to try which are good for our skin and cause us no problems. Queen Eye Make-up Remover doesn’t drag or snag your skin when you wipe cotton wool over it. In fact its so gentle it makes the cotton wool feel softer in my opinion. My eczema sits in the folds of skin under my eyes and this is extremely sore for me at times; however this eye make up remover didn’t irritate the skin there at all. In fact due to the formula of the eye make up remover I found the skin under my eyes felt moisturised and protected after taking my make up off. This is something I had not experienced with other products." February 2012. REad the full review at: http://www.30somethingmel.co.uk/2012/02/28/queen-cosmetics-eye-make-up-remover-and-eyelash-cream/

"The Eyelash Cream by Queen Cosmetics was a product that greatly interested me. If you are a follower of my blog, you will know that I have reviewed several eyelash serums but never reviewed an eyelash cream that is specifically designed to condition, repair and define lashes. Over all I thought the Eyelash cream was brilliant. It’s multi purpose and I’ll admit my lashes are definitely in better condition. I also noticed I am not losing as many (I often have clumpy section missing) so I am sure its strengthening my lashes too. February 2012. Read the full review at: http://www.30somethingmel.co.uk/2012/02/28/queen-cosmetics-eye-make-up-remover-and-eyelash-cream/

'If you haven't heard of Queen Cosmetics before, they are manufacturer and supplier of luxurious creams designed for the care of sensitive skins... Queen Cosmetics have a variety of products from skincare, bath & body to make up. They keep the look and feel of uncomplicated beauty products that were prepared by a pharmacist, which is brilliant! They all look very interesting and the fact none of their products contain unnecessary ingredients, win big points with me. And what is even more interesting is the fact that you can order sample sizes of their make up..... and the eyeshadow, blusher and lipstick samples are free of charge..... the idea of trying something before you buy is fantastic. I wish more cosmetic companies where doing the same.' Confessions of a Beautyholic, www.confessionsofabeautyholic.com, February 2011. Read the full review here.

"I know I posted a list of my favourite hand creams up a few weeks ago but my attention has been brought to a new one out and well it was so good I needed to include it. Queens Cosmetics  are experts in sensitive skin but even if your skin isn't that sensitive you will love their products.Of course the first product I wanted to try out was the hand cream  and I was not disappointed. It's a really rich formula without being greasy and melted into my skin quickly. Very useful for me as I am always putting on hand cream and having to waiting till it absorbs. Try picking up a pen and trying to write something after you have smothered your hands in something greasy!" Read the full review here. Beauty Truths Not Ugly Lies  http://beautytruthsnotuglylies.blogspot.com/, January 2011.

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