Our Story & Philosophy

Where it all began - Queen Square, London

In the early 1920s, three eminent British dermatologists - Dr RT Brain, Dr George Bray and Dr Archibald Gray - discovered that many of their female patients were experiencing allergic reactions to face powders and other cosmetic products or were unable to find products which didn't exacerbate existing sensitive skin problems and conditions. As they couldn't find suitable products to recommend to their clients, they decided to develop their own gentle, safe and non-irritant range based on their own knowledge and understanding of sensitive skin types. The dermatologists employed the services of a pharmacist (whose pharmacy, Boutall's, overlooked Queen Square, just off London's Great Ormond Street) to make and sell the products and, in 1927, the Queen Cosmetics range for sensitive skin was born. The products quickly gained a loyal following, particularly amongst the young, wealthy and fashionable women of London. New products were added to the range as customers demanded different products. There were some hiccups along the way. Skin Cream, one of the most popular Queen products today, was originally known as Skin Food but, after some years and having gained a large number of fans, trading standards authorities of the day demanded a name change in case customers might actually eat the product

Word reaches the US

Word of the Queen range of hypo-allergenic products for sensitive skin soon spread and the founders of what came to be a hugely well-known US cosmetics range visited Queen. Impressed by the philosophy of the company and the quality and effectiveness of the products, they took the formulations (in those days such things were not closely guarded!) back to the US where the idea of products for sensitive skin took off in a big way.


For most of its life, Queen has relied on word of mouth to spread the word about our range of sensitive skincare and make-up products as well as a small number of stockists such as specialist pharmacy John Bell & Croyden in London's Wigmore Street and we have always rather enjoyed being a 'well-kept secret'! The last few years, however, have seen the market for hi-tech (anti-ageing , anti-wrinkle, anti-cellulite..the list goes on) explode at the same time that so-called natural or organic products have emerged. We have found that not only are the needs of sensitive skins being ignored with many larger brands abandoning their sensitive-skin roots but also that consumers are becoming more and more confused about what they need and what might actually work for their skin sensitivity.

This is why we have decided to emerge from our shell and tell you about Queen and our original products for sensitive skin. We would love you to become part of the Queen story today.

Please browse our product range to find out more about our skincare and make-up for sensitive skin. If you would like to read real customer reviews of our products and some recent press coverage, why not visit our 'Testimonials' page here.

Our Philosophy

Uniquely Sensitive Skin

Queen is unique among cosmetics companies because our commitment is to sensitive skin and sensitive skin alone. Since we were founded in 1927 by three eminent Harley Street dermatologists, we have focused on making the most effective but most gentle products for the most sensitive skins. By sensitive skin we mean skin which needs extra-special care (it may react to certain ingredients or environments or it may just flare up unexpectedly), easily irritated skin, easily sensitised skin, allergy-prone skin, and 'problem skin' which suffers from conditions which can include acne, rosacea and eczema.

There are also many non-specific conditions which Queen products are able to help. For example, clients have found relief for the following sorts of problems: itchiness and soreness on face after using certain products; reactions to most creams which claim to be for sensitive skin; hot, red or itchy skin; swelling and puffiness around the eyes; break-outs of small spots, redness or a rash every time make-up is used; small, sore bumps or white tiny spots under the skin; very dry skin prone to flaking; skin which has become more sensitive with age; eyes which water every time eyeshadow or mascara is used; dry sensitive red skin; and many more.

No gimmicks and no outlandish claims

There are no gimmicks to our cosmetics. Queen products are as simple, pure and as uncluttered with unnecessary ingredients as it is possible to be. Yet, they still work more effectively than most more 'sophisticated' products because we focus on what cosmetics are supposed to do - cleanse, tone and moisturise without stressing skin - and not on making outlandish claims. 

Trust not trends

We don't try to follow trends. Our clients use our products because they can trust them which is why we have women in their nineties still using the products (and being forever complimented on their beautiful complexions!) as well as their daughters, grand-daughters and, in some cases, their great grand-daughters. What better endorsement could there be? Some of our most popular products are timeless classics - Cold Cream, Eyelash Cream and Skin Cream - high quality, highly effective products which care for and nourish skin.
We don't jump on bandwagons

Our products are tried and tested and, as such, we do not change the formulations to respond to scare stories. All the ingredients we use are known to be safe and of the highest-quality. Queen products are not marketing-driven but are driven by the desire to produce the best products for sensitive skins. As such, you will not find the latest fashionable ingredients including essential oils and extracts which are highly irritating to truly sensitive skin.
Loyal to our roots

We are a small, UK company. All our manufacturing takes place at our own premises to ensure the highest and most rigorous standards of quality and safety. We source 90% of our ingredients, packaging and labelling from UK-based companies instead of from cheaper mass producers abroad. We are based in Birch Grove in beautiful East Sussex in the heart of the Ashdown Forest. We are committed to sound environmental and ethical practices. We produce only small batches of products at a time to minimise unnecessary wastage, we ensure no harmful environmental discharges and we recycle - and encourage our clients to recycle by sending back empty containers to our FREEPOST address.