General Sensitivity

The cosmetics market can be a maze.  If your old favourite brand changes its formulations or you suddenly develop a sensitivity to a brand you have used successfully before, what do you do? With so many products claiming to be for sensitive skin it can be a nightmare knowing where to start.

Most of our customers would say they have no idea what causes their sensitive skin to behave the way it does.

This 'general sensitivity' makes it very hard to choose products and our customers report having cupboards full of lotions and potions they've tried and had to stop using (before finding Queen of course!). Likewise, it makes recommending products for our customers more difficult.

The best route can often be one of trial and error which might strike terror into the heart of many sensitive skin sufferers as they do not want to run the risk of provoking further flare-ups. At Queen, we like to talk to our customers and work with them to see if we can find a product or regime that will work for their individual skin. Please call us on 01825 768 845 if you would like to have a no-obligation chat about your skin and the issues you are experiencing. Or, please email us at

There are a few pointers which may help delicate skin types navigate the cosmetics shelves. These are:
Avoid skincare and make-up products with perfume in them. Products most likely to cause skin irritation are those containing perfume, fragrance or essential oils. It is worth noting that many products claim to be unscented or unperfumed but do contain a masking fragrance which covers the natural smell of the product if this is deemed unpleasant.

Look for products containing the fewest ingredients. The more ingredients contained in a product, the more chance you may experience a reaction and the less chance you have of isolating what may be the problem ingredient(s).

Don’t assume ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ are best. Just as people can be allergic to pollen or nuts (naturally occurring substances), they can also be sensitive to fruit or herbal extracts or oils and other plant derived materials and perfume/oils.

Perfume and preservatives are two of the main culpirts in causing skin irritation or allergic reactions. Natural and organic products may be preserved with essential oils or perfume blends which have a natural preservative quality so 'preservative free' does not mean guaranteed irritation free! Other natural preservatives are usually 'systems' i.e. more complex mixtures of ingredients to achieve the same effect as a synthetic preservative. As we say above, the fewer ingredients, the better for sensitive skin.

It is worth mentioning also that may preservative ingredients which are 'demonised' e.g. parabens are actually synthetic reproductions of naturally occurring substances.

Where possible, ask questions!