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Cracked fingertips: Stop the superglue!

It seems that cracked and split fingertips is not an uncommon condition. While we had heard of sore, cracked, dried hands – usually due to eczema – this particular complaint is somewhat new to us.

In the last week, however, we have had two new customers who have been suffering with this specifically. One even reported using superglue to prevent cracks worsening and a quick google revealed this is not unusual and is even recommended by some dermatologists and skin experts (see this article from Everyday Health:!

The cracks in the tips of fingers and thumbs often run from or to the nail and can bleed and get infected. They can make basic functioning difficult (one customer mentioned tasks such as doing up zips, household chores and holding a pen) and painful. The cracks are caused by dry skin but why some people can have even very dry skin but not suffer from the splits while others seem destined to have recurring bouts of this, is not really known.

So, what can you do if you are experiencing split or cracked fingertips?

The general advice seems to be to wear gloves when doing household tasks, to avoid detergents and perfume and to keep skin protected in extreme cold. And to moisturise, moisturise, moisturise. Prevention is better than cure so the best way to avoid split fingers is to not let them happen in the first place. At night, many sufferers will apply a rich balm or hand cream and then wear cotton gloves (search night time gloves for dry hands or eczema and you will find a number of suggestions) and report that this helps heal existing splits and prevent new ones forming.

With regards to our customers, we suggested they try our Queen Skin Cream. This multi-tasking balm has a very good success rate with very dry skin conditions such as eczema and it seems it has worked too for split fingertips.

Reported Mrs B after just one week:

“I have been suffering from cracked fingers for ages. Since using the Skin Cream, I have not had one cracked or split finger. You can tell your customers that.”

If you would like a sample, please do not hesitate to contact us on or 01825 768 845 and we will have one sent out to you.

To find out more about Queen Skin Cream, see

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