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A Pot of Cream!

A Pot of Cream! is the title of a wonderful letter we received this week from a longstanding Queen customer.


This three page letter stands as a lovely tribute to Queen Theatrical Cleansing Cream and other products in the Queen range and we were so touched to receive it.

Mrs W, who sent it to us, was introduced to Queen, as her letter says, by an article in the Observer in 1966. The article, called ‘My Face & I’ featured an interview with the then Countess of Dartmouth (better known these days as Raine, Countess Spencer) about her beauty routine. In it, she described how she used Queen Theatrical Cleansing Cream and Queen make-up and Eyelash Cream because of her ‘very delicate and allergic skin’. She added too, however, that she preferred to use Meltonian Shoe Cream in Navy Blue instead of Mascara!

Mrs W immediately decided to try Queen and has been a loyal fan every since. Theatrical Cleansing Cream has, she says, ‘become a part, a part of my life that comes around every evening, like cleaning my teeth and brushing my hair….You see, it is just so soft and silky and I do not know of any other cream that melts on the skin like this one does…leaving the skin cleaner than clean’.

‘You see for me, this cream is a symbol of the quality and purity of all the Queen products and why I am writing about it like this and urging you, with all the strength I can muster, to take the plunge and get a pot of it immediately.’

Mrs W ends her eulogy by saying: ‘you will never regret taking this step and letting this unique cream come floating into your life to help you look after your precious skin and cherish, cherish it for ever.’

So say all of us!

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