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New anti-wrinkle cream for Sensitive Eyes

Queen customers have been asking for an eye cream for the last few years, ever since the successful launch of our anti-wrinkle cream, Sensiderma Renew & Refine.

While Renew & Refine is, and remains, a great product to use around the eye area (in addition to other areas of expression lines and wrinkles and on the neck and decolletage areas), research amongst and conversations with our clients reavealed that they specifically wanted an eye cream that could soothe and enliven the appearance of tired, heavy or puffy eyes, moisturise the delicate skin of the eye area while combatting wrinkles. A tall order!

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But, fast forward three years and we have the solution: Eye Restore Cream, a light, gel-like product which ticks all the above boxes while remaining suitable for sensitive skin and eyes.

Feedback so far has been fantastic. ‘This is exactly what I have been looking for. Thank you so much to listening to me!’, says Mrs A from West Sussex.

In her blog, Beauty in my Mind, Sophia says: ‘Eye Restore cream claims to “soothe red, puffy eyes while reducing the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles.” In terms of wrinkles I’m quite fortunate that I don’t have many yet, but with the tiny lines that I do have I’ve noticed they’re more smoothed out and my eye area is well moisturised.’

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If you have sensitive eyes but have not found an anti-wrinkle products which works for you, why not call us on 01825 768 845 and ask for a sample of Eye Restore Cream or email us at

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